Restaurant Aco

Everybody knows about the advantages of Mediterranean cuisine and so does the staff of restaurant "ACO". Mediterranean cuisine is a special and unique culture of cooking meals, which has developed through history on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic sea. This style of preparing meals includes abundant usage of olive oil, lots of different fruits and vegetables, aromatic spices, many different kinds of fish and sea food, lamb meat and other kinds of meat, but with very little or no pork at all. Every meal also must be followed by a glass of red wine.

The pleasant surroundings of restaurant "ACO" create a perfect ambient for enjoying in crabs, shells and fish and meat specialties prepared in the old fashion of traditional Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine. We also offer indigenous food of Rab like the Rab cake, lamb, salted fish, squids with potatoes and other specialties and recipes from the long history of Rab.